Past Workshops

IMS2017: 2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Mentoring Systems

 Text Analytics for Intelligent Mentoring [chair: Beverly Woolf]

  • Danielle McNamara, Discourse Analytics and Intelligent Mentoring 
  • Andrew Hampton, Danielle Clewley, Dipesh Gautam and Arthur Graesser: Analysis of Mentor Speech Acts in Guided Collaborative Learning in Land Science 

Discussion [chair: Art Graesser]: Natural Language Processing and Mentoring Systems

Adaptive Learning Systems in China [chair: Tanja Mitrovic]

  • Zhenyue Zhu, Wei Cui, Zhaohui Xu and Mingyu Feng: Comparison Studies of Adaptive Learning Systems in China

Coffee Break

Learner Engagement and Mentoring Strategies [chair: Drew Hampton]

  • Beverly Woolf and Ivon Arroyo: Detection of Engagement and Context for Intelligent Mentors  
  • Tanja Mitrovic, Vania Dimitrova, Lydia Lau, Amali Weerasinghe, Alicja Piotrokowicz, Tapping into collective intelligence to create nudges for self-regulated learning 
  • Nabin Maharjan, Lasang Jimba Tamang and Vasile Rus: Towards The Discovery of Effective Tutorial Strategies Employed by Professional Tutors 

Discussion [chair: Tanja Mitrovic]: Mentoring Features: from Engagement to Strategies and Beyond 


IMS2016: 1st International Workshop on Intelligent Mentoring Systems


Position Papers: Underpinning Theories, Models, Technologies

Some Challenges for AIED Systems in Taking on Long Term Mentoring by Benedict Du Boulay

Intelligent Mentoring Systems for Making Meaning from Work Experience by Vania Dimitrova, Alexandra Poulovassilis, Nicolas Van Labeke, Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Paul Brna and Miriam Zukas

Personalised and Adaptive Mentoring in Medical Education – the myPAL project by Nicolas Van Labeke, Jane Kirby and Trudie Roberts

An Active Learning Model Employing Flipped Learning and Gamification Strategies by Darina Dicheva and Christo Dichev

Experimental Studies: Intelligent Mentoring Features

Dynamics of Trust in Group Peer Mentorship by Oluwabunmi Adewoyin, Fred Phillips and Julita Vassileva

Group Learning, Student Clustering and Peer Mentorship by Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Ovidiu Domsa and Nicolae Bold

Usability of an Active Video Watching System for Soft Skills Training by Lydia Lau, Tanja Mitrovic, Amali Weerasinghe and Vania Dimitrova