Saturday, 30 June 2018, Festival of Learning, London


14:30-14:45         Opening & Introduction    


14:45-15:55         Self-regulated and lifelong learning     [Chair: Tanja Mitrovic]

Claire the Counselor: the promise and design of a career guidance and conseling agent” (15 min), Vasile Rus, Andrew Hampton, Frank Andrassik and Art Graesser

Discovering Patterns in Workplace-based Assessment to Support Mentoring for Self-Regulated Learning (15 min),
Alicja Piotrkowicz, Vania Dimitrova and Trudie Roberts

Designing Learning Environment to Promote Learning of Self-Regulated Learning with Mentoring Mirror Agent (8 min),
Kai Morita, Koji Tanaka, Wei Chen and Mitsuru Ikeda

Toward the Enhancement of Peer-Peer Mentoring Systems in Supporting Lifelong Professional Learners (15 min),
Oluwabukola Idowu and Gordon McCalla

The Role of Simulation in the Development of Mentoring Technology to Support Lifelong Learning (15 min),
David Edgar Lelei and Gordon McCalla


15:55-16:10         BREAK  


16:10-16:35         STEM and computational thinking      [Chair: David Shaffer]

Virtual Mentors in a Real STEM Fair: Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities (15 min),
Samuel Breck, Kayla Carr, Dan Davis, Julianne Nordhagen and Benjamin Nye

Providing Intelligent Support on Computational Thinking for Adults (8 min),
Diego Zapata-Rivera and Carol Forsyth


16:35-17:10         Affect and individual differences    [Chair: Art Graesser]

Virtual Mentors: Detecting Affect and Persistence, Defining Ethics and Policy (8 min),
Beverly Woolf and Ivon Arroyo

Affective State for Learning Activities Selection (8 min),
Chinasa Odo, Judith Masthoff, Nigel Beacham and Manal Alhathli

Impact of a Learner’s Personality on the Selection of the Next Learning Activity (8 min),
Manal Alhathli, Judith Masthoff and Nigel Beacham

The Effects of Learners’ Verbal and Visual Cognitive Styles on Instruction Selection (8 min),
Manal Alhathli, Judith Masthoff and Nigel Beacham

Empirical Study on Autonomous Learning Abilities for University Students in Blended Learning Environment (3 min),
Jiajun Zou


17:10-17:30     Discussion      [Chair: Vania Dimitrova]