Text Analytics for Intelligent Mentoring [chair: Beverly Woolf]

  • Danielle McNamara, Discourse Analytics and Intelligent Mentoring 
  • Andrew Hampton, Danielle Clewley, Dipesh Gautam and Arthur Graesser: Analysis of Mentor Speech Acts in Guided Collaborative Learning in Land Science 

Discussion [chair: Art Graesser]: Natural Language Processing and Mentoring Systems

Adaptive Learning Systems in China [chair: Tanja Mitrovic]

  • Zhenyue Zhu, Wei Cui, Zhaohui Xu and Mingyu Feng: Comparison Studies of Adaptive Learning Systems in China

Coffee Break

Learner Engagement and Mentoring Strategies [chair: Drew Hampton]

  • Beverly Woolf and Ivon Arroyo: Detection of Engagement and Context for Intelligent Mentors  
  • Tanja Mitrovic, Vania Dimitrova, Lydia Lau, Amali Weerasinghe, Alicja Piotrokowicz, Tapping into collective intelligence to create nudges for self-regulated learning 
  • Nabin Maharjan, Lasang Jimba Tamang and Vasile Rus: Towards The Discovery of Effective Tutorial Strategies Employed by Professional Tutors 

Discussion [chair: Tanja Mitrovic]: Mentoring Features: from Engagement to Strategies and Beyond